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he UrbanGabru De tan Face Pack contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera extracts and is enriched with Vitamin C. This tan removal cream brings back the natural color that is lost due to sun exposure or pollution. It’s the best de tan solution as it gives results in just 15-20 minutes after application. If you have been out in the sun for long then don’t worry because this face tan removal cream works as an anti-tan face pack to cancel out the sunburn effect and gives an even skin tone. Go for this tan removal face pack and say goodbye to the tan! If you are on the streets riding a bike or love going out for a mini holiday on the beach then this tan removal face pack is the right choice for you.


FREE OF CHEMICALS: The UrbanGabru De tan Face Pack is enriched with Vitamin C and contains natural ingredients like aloe vera extracts. This de tan cream is your at-home remedy to get tan-free skin. 

BRINGS BACK NATURAL COLOR: This tan removal cream by UrbanGabru cancels out the effect of uneven sunburns and tans due to exposure to harmful UV rays or pollution. After using this tan removal cream, you will understand that tan is not permanent. It can actually be removed. 

GIVES PROMISING RESULTS: The UrbanGabru De tan Face Pack gives promising results without harming your skin. In fact, you can do a patch test on the section of the skin which is tanned and notice the change in your skin tone in just a matter of minutes. 

CONVENIENT TO USE: UrbanGabru De tan Face Pack is absolutely easy to use. For this, you do not have to squeeze out extra time to make a mixture or paste with natural ingredients and wait for the results which sometimes take forever. Instead, you can just apply this de tan cream and get freedom from tan. 


TIME-SAVING: The De tan Face Pack is easy to apply and gives an actual de-tan effect in just 15-20 minutes post-application. 



100 GM (Approx. 1 month) 


  • Take the desired amount of face pack in a bowl 
  • Clean your face & apply it using a spatula 
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes 
  • Wash it with water

Note: *Do not massage and use lukewarm water for best results 

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